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About Lyn

Welcome to MadeforYouAlone Exclusive Hand Made Jewelry

Hi there. I am Lyn Joy Reeve, owner and designer of MadeforYouAlone.

I have always loved jewelry making. For many years I have been creating my own designs starting in the beginning with stringing beads and pearls and progressing on to bead embroidery then simple bead weaving projects.  My love of  jewelry making was turned on its head over the past few years with my discovery of Assemblage Jewelry making techniques which I love to do. I use only high quality American made Brass Stampings in my creations.

My jewelry is handmade in my little home studio using only quality components and expert workmanship.  I create using a variety of materials including components from nature. An example being Sea Shells in my Queens of the Sea Gift Jewelry line.

I am an Australian artist and I live in Sunny Queensland. Despite this I strive to use only American-made components in my jewelry as China Made are inferior to US.

I like to produce  high quality pieces of Jewelry that I am proud of and proud to sell to my customers in the knowledge that it will last and become a vintage piece one day as well.

I love to customize Jewelry to your instructions. This is where my business name was born and the name of MadeforYouAlone was created several years ago now.

My site is divided into sections denoting the type of Jewelry and the Name of a particular Line of Jewelry. For example Bracelets, Necklaces, Queen of the Sea Gift Jewelry.

Please visit my site to browse my Creations. I am confident you will find that special piece made just for you or that illusive gift for that special someone.

 Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have an idea for a special piece of jewelry and I would be honoured to MAKE IT FOR YOU ALONE

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